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crochester's Journal

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First of all, though this page has been remodeled, major thanks goes to ifeelcold for starting up this community.

Thanks to everyone who has joined the crochester community or simply enjoy the site. We hope you'll promote the site and the community =]

Here are some questions we'd like you to answer to let us get to know you a bit at the croch community

1) Who are you?
2) Do you live in Rochester? (It's fine if you don't).
3) What do you like to do for fun?
4) Had you heard about http://crochester.tk before you came here?
5) How did you hear about crochester.tk?
6) What's your favorite thing to do in Rochester and why?
7) What was the last thing you read or last movie you saw?
8) Have any words of wisdom?
9) What do you think about crochester.tk?
10) Anything else we should know?

-additional optional crochester.tk survey questions-
1) what do you think about the site?
2) what do you think need improvment on the site?
3) what is your favorite part about the site?
4) why do you visit the site?
5) what should be added/taken off the site and why?

Thanks again for joining the community. Please continue to share your Roch stories, pictures, comics, comments, questions, and fun and be sure to post upcoming events in rochester =]